Jan 05 2015

Psychologically Liberating

Focus on the implementation of actions decided. Although it seems contradictory, I recommend that psychologically free you of the result you expect. This will come to you as a result of the decisions you make now, in other words, I want you to understand that the quality of what you do in this shape the quality of your future. So you should concentrate on the current action as it is about what you have real control. Results: exercised leadership serene, freer and more creative. 5.Apatia / motivation / laziness Those emotions have the function to let you know that you are offline, that the tasks you do not have real meaning for you on the road or have ceased to be.

They can also sneak around stating that the goal to achieve or are watching too far or you require lots of time to get it. Recommendation: Learn to identify personal gains in everything you undertake. It does not mean you become a stakeholder. Simply learn to seek personal reasons that will generate the enthusiasm you need to do your homework. If the goal or achieve the final result to look very far or very hard to get, get goals achievable in the short term the sum of which take you to the end result you want. Result: Your leadership will be more energetic and enthusiastic. You'll be more motivated by achieving results in the short term even though they are small.

Project your dynamism to your team and begin to influence them in subtle ways, by example rather than words. Its function is to point you 6.Verguenza a behavior has been morally unacceptable. This is healthy because it helps to put limits on your behavior by avoiding what you do not correspond or what you have not won. However, there is what I call the "psychological embarrassment," is one that is not justified that feeling. In working life feeling inferior is projected to give instructions to your computer or, worse still, generate fear of success: you boycott you, sorry you point out, abandon your project when you are about to do and "kick" unconsciously everything you closer to victory. What happens in the background is that you are not worthy of the gifts and gifts that life has prepared for you, so it makes you attract abundance, prosperity and success into your life. Recommendation: working to strengthen your self-esteem, acceptance of yourself and expand your sense of entitlement. Results: exercised strong leadership, be more visible and be willing to take on challenges with more confidence in yourself. This will make you stand out and attract more opportunities to succeed. He who perseveres reaches. I repeat: If you need help to solve any of these situations, ask for it. Do not stay stagnant. It is the nature of a leader or any human being, suffering life. Use your emotional intelligence and expand your horizons! Leticia Barrios / Developing leadership skills and motivation Leticia Barrios helps executives with leadership positions in small and medium enterprises to develop their leadership skills and motivation to achieve results. Subscribe to electronic newsletter and Receive FREE strategies that will help you become an executive (a) with power.