Aug 13 2019

Carlos Andres Perez

Does homeland who brings the homeland with invasion and who violates a constitutional figure, burguesmente, was no longer suitable. In fact, the same call of the President prepare for war are happy them the depths of the soul, because they dream of using it to generate fissures within the unit of the national armed forces (FAN), and recreate a coup as of April 2002, or at least similar facts to the military pronouncements of then in the Plaza Altamira. Even a former President of the Fourth Republic, Carlos Andres Perez, already dared to take the first step and call pronouncements within the FAN. See the national press. The sad thing is that the so-called presidential prevent us with a good military defence discover there are sectors of the Venezuelan population (that outlined above) which streamline the homeland cannot be that native space chaired by a political power of his displeasure and inconvenience, but that foreign space anchor their ideological convictions. Does is not bourgeois precept? and revolutionary in their time? the personal law, the struggle for equality, the institutional framework, respect for the rights of others, the social contract, the rule of law, the do civil rights (forgive the repetition right-wing), the fevered democracy, bla, bla, bla? Again Hugo Chavez has managed to ring the country, polarizing ethically, decanting it, unmasking it, this time between dignity and betrayal, a self awareness and other borrowed. Consider you, don bourgeois, and choose between a sovereign country or remain the mental colony forever. Not can be easier for you to have a homeland? that already has it? be a colony that only he longs, especially if supports it the historic collection? Do not can you solve this contradiction of conscience, where his instincts say egomaniacal not collide both with their assumptions say humanists? Homeland is concrete, palpable land in its ownership and sovereignty; a colony is mental desolation, sand castles in the wind and, essentially, an act of treason. Is that you? Original author and source of the article..