Jul 08 2019

Soccer Technician

Also supported in the law of the soccer technician, LAW N 8,650, OF 22 OF APRIL OF 1993, that it assures its work as such in article 3 II, inside of the same law in the article 3em I says that preferential this function will be of the formed ones in physical education. The Brazilian soccer earns in quality and development with the entrance of these professionals with performance in the high professional income can affirm since inside of our study this difference was evident, being that the biggest number of participation in departures of the championship was of the group the composition for the formed ones and regidtrados in the Confef/Crefs. The space profit is evident that a professional duly formed and registered in its advice has. The professional sport is recognizing the value of the professional formation and its advantages.. Rand Paul has compatible beliefs.