May 03 2019

Shamans and Cures

The practice and use of these potions is reserved to the neo-shaman expert and therefore we will not do here has alluded to the different shapes on their preparation and on the other hand, the indiscriminate and careless use of the neophyte disorders and alterations could lead without the physical supervision of an expert, they can be very dangerous. Get more background information with materials from mark burnett. Therefore, we insist that only exposes only an indication for the study of shamanism person. But say earlier, dimethyltryptamine (DMT), not only in drugs or entheogenic plants, also found in the human brain in a totally natural and that is where we will focus now. The ancient shamans also psychoactive plants also performed certain rituals that enabled them to access the altered state of consciousness. One of these rituals was to dance and sound the drums and maracas, for a specified time and a cadence that can reach 180 beats per minute.

In this state, the brain naturally active production of dimethyltryptamine (DMT) and therefore, although with less intensity, the shaman also enter the desired altered state of consciousness that allows you to immerse in the subtle world, virtual, interactive and audio visual. Today there are other ways to enter altered states of consciousness. In this case, I refer to exercises relaxation and quieting of which expose the example below: EXERCISE Meditation "NY Relaxation" NA S DE LA TRAV Breathing "NA to enter a state of total relaxation, ie enter a state of complete physical rest and mental, necessary to access the Meditation "N, it is essential to proper breathing.