Dec 28 2017

Market Drinking Water

More recently, the vast Runet a new project – 'Electronic markets drinking water and soft drinks. " In the short time that has elapsed since the start of the project, he received many good reviews, the permanent users. Our partners include companies such as 'VismLyuks', 'VTK' (Vodovoz.RU), "Aqua Maria ',' Pearl Uvinskaya, Founteyn Foods (among producers and suppliers of bottled water and beverages), the company 'Simi' and company 'Merpasa' (among suppliers and manufacturers of packaging and packaging equipment, bottling and beverages). PNP 'Emerald' (among producers and suppliers of equipment for water treatment, water filters). For whom created a resource. is of interest to companies involved in drinking and mineral water, drinks, juices, tea and coffee as well as for companies which are manufacturers and suppliers of packaging, labeling, dispensing equipment, equipment for the bottling and beverage, water treatment, as well as for companies involved in packaging, labels, nutritional supplements for beverages. According to Director General kompnii 'Andy' ( Eugene Nadobnikova: 'This combination of companies from several industries, in our view, provides the most complete picture of the structure and market situation of drinking water and beverages of cooperation of companies in the market. Thus interesting not only to consumers of drinking water, beverages, and companies related to this market. " Indeed, the portal created by a variety of tools for organization of the companies on the Internet. On a directory of companies. Thus, users have the opportunity to share information about the specific view of him, opening her card, which contains brief information about this company and its activities, contacts and business directory heading to where the kompniya presented, as well as price lists of products the company. User (company) of the resource has the ability to post ads for buying, selling their goods or rendered Ulug, placing tenders, to publish news of your company's presentation of its products.

On the portal there is an internal messaging system between users and companies. This tool helps companies to communicate with each other, promotes business links. On a daily basis can read (or get a newsletter in your email box), the latest news market, interesting articles. In the resource sector is a forum with the aims of the establishment and support of business relationships between companies and mutual assistance in solving problems encountered in professional companies, communication on professional issues. 'For five months of productive work we have been able to interest many companies, to liaise with exhibition companies and the media and, hopefully, just to help people in their work, their business, and that is our main goal. We will continue to evolve: to extend the range of services, to improve the information content of the resource, to attract more and more companies to work for ', – concluded Eugene Nadobnikov.