Sep 20 2017

Birth Control Pills

Preparations intended to prevent an unwanted pregnancy are called contraceptives. Among them is a group of funds, which are synthetic female sex hormones, which are affecting natural menstrual cycle, prevent some of the physiological processes necessary for the implementation of fertilization. They are called oral or hormonal contraceptives. All drugs in this group is divided into three groups: monophasic progestin-estrogen preparations: contain two types of sex hormones (estrogens and progestins) in each tablet ratio of both components and their number are the same; two-and three-phase progestin-estrogen drugs: also contain both estrogen and progestogen, but different tablets contained in a single package of the drug contained a different number of components. This achieves more physiological (close to natural) change in concentration of sex hormones in women during the menstrual cycle.

These drugs have fewer side effects compared with monophasic, mainly due by the fact that the concentration of hormones in them is much lower. Comparable efficacy of both subgroups. monogormonalnye progestin products – contain only gestagen.Oralnye contraceptives are used not only to contraception. They are successfully used for many gynecological disorders, including endometriosis, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, premenstrual syndrome, and painful menstruation. Shortcomings oral contraceptives: the need to adhere strictly to the drug (Missed, and even welcome at other times of the day than usual, reducing the effectiveness), the presence of side effects (through the establishment of modern multiphase drugs side effects are minimal). It must be remembered that many of these drugs are incompatible with smoking. In addition, many of them are contraindicated for women with hypertension, tendency to thrombosis and some other diseases. The term "oral contraceptives" do not fully reflect the current state of development of this branch of pharmaceutics. The fact that the word 'oral' is understood that these drugs are taken orally in pill form. However, there are now drugs that are used by injection (one injection lasts for a few months) and in the form of capsules, which are 'sewed' under the skin and isolated the active ingredient gradually.