Sep 07 2017


Delicious jams specialties of Rigoni di Asiago, 1st March 2012. The first rays of the Spring Sun wake up craving citrus fruits in many people. Especially in the warm season, the intense flavors of Sun-drenched fruit are a fresh taste. Bitter oranges and tangerines accompany this pleasure also in the autumn and winter. Jams specialities of Rigoni di Asiago time for citrus fruits all year round. Equal to five citrus varieties, the range of FiordiFrutta fruit spreads includes: bitter orange, Tangerine, pink grapefruit, lemon and citrus mix. Did you know? Bitter oranges are also called Seville orange’ is known because they were the Spanish city of Seville named after. Bitter than other oranges are smaller and in taste.

They used almost exclusively in the production of jams, to the production of oil and to flavor dishes. So FiordiFrutta unfolds its typical taste bitter orange great for duck and other meat dishes. Be as “Easy Peeler” Mandarins in the jargon means. The sweetest fruit in the citrus varieties can be also as FiordiFrutta Mandarin easily spread on the bread. Originally, a fruit from China, tangerines, have the same name like Tangerine, Senior Adviser in the Chinese Empire. Trick or treat this decision arises with pink grapefruit do not.

With her typical citrus flavor, tastes sweet and at the same time refreshing herb. Also, the pink grapefruit is a popular breakfast fruit. FiordiFrutta pink grapefruit ensures exotic palate tickling guaranteed no splashing. Lemons come originally from the North of India. They are known for their tart fresh flavor. Whether as a household remedy against colds or as a multi-tasker in the kitchen lemon is inseparable from the budget. And with FiordiFrutta lemon earned a permanent place on the breakfast table this famous citrus. The sunny life force of Mediterranean citrus fruit is in the FiordiFrutta citrus mix. This variety is a tart sweet taste of bitter oranges, lemons, mandarins flavoured with bergamot, which makes for a distinctive flavor. All varieties of citrus family FiordiFrutta included fine pieces of fruit variety in the kitchen. They make shakes, desserts and pastries excellently as a bread spread, as well as yogurt and cottage cheese dishes, milk refining. Also as an ingredient for a fruity fresh cuisine, the FiordiFrutta citrus varieties are an asset. With FiordiFrutta lemon is a cream soup with ricotta lemon dumplings gaining sophistication. Turkey cheese rolls with FiordiFrutta Mandarin a fruity touch. Extensive recipe material is available directly from Rigoni di Asiago,. Pure nature products are gentle processing of whole fruit FiordiFrutta fruit spreads. All processed fruits come from organic farming. A specially designed low temperature process ensures the processing to maintain a high level of nutrients and vitamins. The fruits be stirred at 25 degrees Celsius cold and finally just pasteurized in the glass. Rigoni di Asiago sweetens FiordiFrutta exclusively with the pure fruit sweetness of organic apples. Just nutrition-conscious consumers benefit from the advantages over conventional, jam sweetened with refined sugar and jams.