Jul 20 2018

Breast Cancer Cure

Before beginning to explain as to cure the breast cancer it is very important to know that is the breast cancer You to him ask yourself Why I want to know that it is the breast cancer, itself I want to cure itself? I have a great answer for you well, must say to him that to fight the cancer before nothing we must know it and know as they are its weak points but, and this way to be able to eliminate it for always, then What is the Cancer of breast? The breast cancer, is a series of cells in the breast that become abnormal for some reason and is therefore that the experts investigate the bacteria, since some of these penetrate in our cells and provovan a transformation. The transformed cells can attack other normal cells and to cause that these also become (some cells finish being destroyed.) A Cell Can Become Cancer of Breast? When the cells ” malas” they begin to propagate, is when the cancer is detected sometimes (a very small group of changed cells.. . Official site: CEO Ford Motor Co..

Dec 22 2013

Radiation Warnings

If you give a concise definition of the radiation, we can say that this stream waves, carrying energy. If we make a hand around a burning candle, we feel as heat. If we look at the sun, we see the light, which is also is the wave only visible to our eyes. You can give many examples of this phenomenon, so let's start from the beginning. What is an electromagnetic wave and how it occurs, we will not talk. Let's just imagine looks like the wave in the figure (). The distance between two nearest ridges called wavelength.

It is important to understand because This indicator is the determining factor for the grouping of the waves on their properties and manifestations. Thus, waves with the shortest length is called the X-rays. They opened a physicist: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (during which he received the Nobel Prize). This type of radiation has good penetrating ability, so prevalent in medicine. As you've probably heard: X-rays harmful to humans and living organisms.

And if from outer space enters this type of radiation, but because of their aforementioned ability of his little What can stop them. But the layer around the earth under the name "magnetosphere" retains many of the radiation from space. The next type of radiation in terms of wavelength is "ultraviolet radiation". This radiation is also harmful to living organisms, but most of the ultraviolet light does not pass through the Earth's ozone layer. But some of the ultraviolet light is adjacent to the light rays, and this becomes the cause of our sun.