May 29 2021

Jena Sensor

New solution for handheld applications any kind of Jena, November 11, 2008, their number one COLOR Funktionsboards the MAZeT GmbH presents a series of new solutions, application-specific OEM systems for handheld applications ‘ before. It involves sensor hardware adapted to the \”non-contact color measurement\” MTCS FB1 based the MAZeT true color sensors with different sensor system interface, such as Bluetooth, USB and RSxxx. The sensor system provides XYZ-Farbwerte (technical implementation of the standard DIN5033 standard spectral value function CIE1931) and achieved absolute accuracy after calibration with high Messwiederholgenauigkeit better than the human eye. The in series is absolutely achievable accuracy depends besides the used light source system calibration. Due to the long-term stability of the sensors, a regular calibration of the sensors is not necessary according to factory calibration during later operation. Alternatives to the interface and colour are possible within a customized design at MAZeT.

As a light source in the Sensor of default white light LEDs used. Alternatives to optimize customer-specific application available as a placement option. Click Cincinnati Reds for additional related pages. For the specification phase, the MAZeT offers JEN COLOR Simulator that simulates the interaction of light, sensor, color target and calibration for the accuracy requested by the customer. Thus the system can in the specification phase with high security already be determined and adjustments. This saves later adjustments after the development and shortens the time-to-market. Sample illumination is carried out by means of two white light of LEDs which are almost parallel to the sensor alignment (sensor 1). Thus, the lighting and measurement perpendicular to the sample takes place. By means of this optical axial system ensures contactless measurement with varying distance.

The optimal range depends on the specific application and the conditions (object, surface, light source, measuring time, etc.). In the standard version, the measuring range is approx. 30 mm. To obtain at any time reproducible results, the sensor has been equipped with a distance detection.

Apr 05 2021

IDENT Technology Reaches Milestone With Zeropower Chip

IDENT Technology AG detection interaction identification Wessling, in January 2009 the first zeropower chip from the home IDENT Technology AG has left the chip factory and proves his amazing ability in the practice test. The first silicon chip to control wireless and switchless sensor systems from the House of IDENT technology is now available as a prototype for the first practice tests. Through the use of zeropower, the controls can be realized right now tomorrow. The new technology does not require cable more to place switches and sensors on the apparatus. These can be positioned thanks to zeropower construction-related bad-to-reach places. Thanks to this new technology increases the operating comfort for the user and saved weight at the same time, space and production costs.

Many positive properties can be combined with the intelligent sensor system. So can for example also level, speed, the presence and correct position of parts, but also with the zeropower sensor Living beings are recognized. The positioning of the zeropower can be varied depending on the required free sensors. Zero power switches and sensors are therefore versatile. As encapsulated sensor system is itself operating under extremely harsh environmental conditions possible, without doing the functionality is affected. The wired and livelihood sensors without extra effort on new positions or new purposes is used depending on the request.

By zeropower cable and conventional switches be saved, what is noticeable for the end user comfort, weight, as well as an economic price. As a technology company we can go to chip actively with the zeropower on the manufacturing industry. The first tests with the new chip ran extremely successful”so Stefan Donat, (CEO of IDENT Technology AG). With a silicon chip, surface area of approximately 1, 5 mm is possible to integrate the technology into virtually all electronic objects of daily life. No matter whether it is in a game, the controls of brown or white goods, which is electric toothbrush or the switch in the car.

Mar 31 2021

Bogiebander Increases

Bogiebander are used increasingly for mechanical harvesting. This article describes the different types, their manufacturers and how the Bogiebander will be used. Timber harvesting in the forest, running where whenever possible, high-performance machines. This increases productivity and at the same time greatly increases security when compared to manual off ground to a halt. But destroyed roots, a one-off burden damaging the ground of the forest floor up to deeply rutted lanes are the price thanks to the always heavier machines. In moist or wet soil, this comes particularly in steep terrain or in the snow.

There, the wheels are spinning quickly and cause irreparable damage to the forest floor. Polluters are more forwarders as the harvester, because the latter with sticks filling up the way and only one time slow down their line. Forwarders, however, drive the way during the evacuation several times and also significantly faster. They are also fully loaded with over 20 tons significantly heavier than Harvester. Remedy the so called Bogiebander, which are stretched over the tyre and thereby creating a much wider and longer bearing surface. This protects the soil, increases traction and noticeably improves the off-road performance and vehicle stability.

The term Bogiebander\”is really misleading: because it is not a track for excavators Yes tapes in the literal sense, but heavy metal limbs called also lateral iron, similar to. Comparable to the snow chains for road vehicles, they are raised over the two tyres of a below by Vollerntern and Ruckezugen and weigh around a ton, per unit of some even more. For several years, also Bogiebander for single wheels are on sale. They are approximately 30 years of experience in the market and provide benefits for the environment and productivity. All of this has led in Germany to an increasing acceptance by the machine operators, so that they in spite of the very low price increasingly Bogiebandern Insert.

Mar 31 2021

Innovative Alm Management

First Styrian mountain lamb Festival – innovative Alm management at the 27.7.2008 emanating from a joint project of the Styrian sheep breeding association with a number of partners maintained the aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein with 9 scientists grazing and their impact through a herd of more than comprehensive 700 sheep in the area of the Hauser Kaiblings. The herd is accompanied by a professional Shepherd and his dogs a day and guarantees a targeted grazing and thus maintenance of slopes and in addition the maintenance of the Alpine pastures surrounding important for agriculture and tourism. The development of land use in the Alpine regions is dramatic. Since 1960 the surface of pure Alpine pastures and meadows around 20% went back, the sum of the total extensively farmed land even by more than 40%. Most of the time were these areas of woodland or wasteland. The above-average warming in the Alps area will accelerate this process.

In view of this development and the expected need for a future use (energy problems, nutritional requirements) must be, stabilised the Alpine region through active management measures which is supported by the objectives of the research project. “In terms of slope should in addition regular grazing in collaboration with the Hauser Kaibling cableways maintaining these areas very elaborate minimizes through the use of machines and equipment and an ecological treatment carried out with the sheep, what influenced an appreciation of this long, nerve-racking” aimed at areas. The first Styrian mountain lamb Festival in Haus im Ennstal is tasty to the project and his concerns to a wider public”enjoyment and nature including make, with a large-scale programme such as the” – barbecue tips and useful information around the lamb meat from the barbecue world champion Andi Matzek and tasting of wines of the wine grower Hannes Dreisiebner (Winery Dreisiebner headquarters), but of course many great activities for children such as E.g. painting, Face painting, pony rides and a Petting Zoo.

Mar 31 2021

Without Laser

The IFA 2008 in Berlin stands at the door and trends and technologies report on new flat-screen TV as the IFA International rather plays a smaller role we believe his new OLED TV at the IFA 2008 will present not the Samsung or Sony. Laser-TV, it was clear that Mitsubishi will start first in the American market. The first LaserVues delivered in the 3 quarter of Mitsubishi in America. Other manufacturers such as Samsung are not ready, so there will be a no show in laser TV. Max Wasing the Senior Vice President of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America Announces proudly. We are the first that will make laser TV suitable for mass production.

LaserVUE is the future of TV because it is also 3D-capable so Max Wasing. Conventional HD screens could show only about 40 percent of the color spectrum, which will capture the human eye can it was pages mitsubishis. The laser TV, however, may be twice as many colors. With over 80 percent of the spectrum to enable a never-before achieved brilliance, clarity, and color depth. Sony has the first OLED Yes last year in October 2007 Presented TV with 11 inches. The XEL-1 is currently sold in Japan, United States, and Canada. It is not yet known whether Sony XEL-1 IFA exhibits. Has Samsung at the CES 2008 and CEBIT a 31 inch OLED television presented and that 2010 will come on the market.

Another technology is FED TV FED stands for “field emission display” and is a technology similar to conventional CRT monitors. In both cases the pixels using an electron beam, which stimulates a phosphor layer, represented gepracht and so the image to light up. The difference is that CRT monitors thermal generates an electron beam over the so-called cathode and this meets by a deflection mechanism on each individual pixel. Be still longer cannot be seen on any measurement devices SED TV, long time it was still around the SED TV technology. Canon has announced with sharp recently an Alliance in the LCD technology. Some thought that this Alliance would be the end for SED TVs. Canon wants to explore far and wants with its own SED TV bring technology to the market.

Mar 31 2021

Charles Darwin

While some experts the Fund as groundbreaking for our ideas about the evolution of life believe, others, however, have doubts. Bruce Runnegar mean Professor of paleontology at the University of California, Los Angeles, that even single-celled algae for the prehistoric excavations could be responsible. A leading source for info: Emun Zabihi. Adolf Seilacher is but sure come only animals with muscles, so more Zeller as a tunnel Builder in question due to the diameter constant in each tube. “For many other scientists like the evolutionary biologist Professor Martin brewhouse from the Institute of Zoology of the free University of Berlin the significance of the detection of the worm is completely overrated: it has been discovered here something whose existence is assumed anyway almost everyone”. Also the Cambrian explosion hypothesis had been already violently shaken, as researchers in southern China the remains of multicellular spongelike animals came, and dated her age to about 580 million years. Molecular biologists contributed more criticism.

According to their calculations, multi-cellular protozoa lived over a billion years ago. With the discovery of the Urwurms one could actually adopt the “Cambrian explosion”, because probably she never took place. But the dispute over ways and speed evolutionary development is still in set. Adolf Seilacher assumes that his worms over several hundred million years been changed, which appealed to evolution so a long break. Later, at the beginning of the Cambrian period, it gave then an explosive emergence of new construction plans”.

Almost wettruestung like”the evolution of speed increased. Completely new, equipped with shell and shell skeletons of calcareous or Chitinous animals like the anchored to the sea floor, shell-like Brachiopods, the Brachiopods, and the ACE the shape Trilobites were created. The “Cambrian explosion” is so easily cast off but revived. For Martin, brewhouse and other evolutionary biologist absurd is the idea of a rapid, seemingly from the State carried out evolution. How already Charles Darwin he keeps a continuous flow without major cracks or long pause likely. Therefore would have existed many species as a precursor to the Cambrian biodiversity. But molluscs will not mark directly after their death, they disappear almost into nothingness, as if it had never happened. Their existence can be only in rare cases of luck, like when the Fund by Adolf Seilacher. The ancient traces of the worm are certainly an important discovery in the history of life, but they make the interpretation of fossils clearly also the dilemma. To get only the views of a few frames of a highly complicated and hundreds of million of years lasting development. You will argue about what happened at that time but actually still long.

Mar 31 2021

Applications Waiting

Global solution days sales made at the Hockenheimring in tens of billions show long the tremendous potential of satellite navigation worldwide sales of services and products from the navigation navigation. Galileo, the European satellite navigation system, which should be 2013 at the start, offer up new paths in the area of the navigation environment not only for large industrial groups. Huge market potential in particular small and medium-sized enterprises opens with the construction of the new satellite system. Especially since seems an end of the sales spiral with navigation products long time not yet in sight. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from SoulCycle. Experts expect an increase of this volume to over EUR 276 billion with the help of beneficial solutions in the areas of control and robotics, but also in transport logistics and in the tourism sector by 2020.

An example of a worthwhile development in the field of logistics shows the Munich company ubinam on demand GmbH. It has developed a system for DHL, which allows different Delivery addresses for certain days of the week or times to call. To collect postal parcels at the post or on the package station was yesterday. Filed under: Twin Lab. Soon, the customer can online themselves decide when and where he would like to have delivered his package. It even goes so far, that anyone who signs up for the tracking service, can receive his package even at his current GPS position. Alone in environments navigation, discovered only by the industry, there are more than 5,000 marketable solutions\”and must be used profitably. Application developers are just no salespeople\”, explains Anton Mayer, application developers at the company GigTag GmbH., we lack the close and also the intense and direct wire to the industry. There is a lot of viable and forward-looking solutions in various areas, but that doesn’t help all us, if the industry there out there don’t even know that they exist.\” Also Heidi Karthika, Managing Director of Silverstroke AG, knows it, sees the problem but Additionally elsewhere.

Mar 31 2021

New Expz Controller

Easiest application for zone 2 in explosion protection the principle of pressurization due to the fact that the circumstances ignitable gas mixtures of the surrounding atmosphere is removed from a housing with a first wash cycle. After the rinsing phase are only so much air maintained, that compensates for the leaks of the case and the possible installations in the control cabinet. During the rinsing cycle, an inside pressure is built up about 10-12mbar and the operating condition of 2.5 3mbar. It is also important that the temperature of the surrounding explosion protection zone does not exceed the maximum permissible value. This also applies to zone 2 in the occasionally explosive atmosphere can arise. Here, the ex-pz controller of company Quintex is an entirely new way. The may occur on individual components in the Interior of the enclosure hot points are temperature sensors monitor and safely switched off if required.

This ensures that no invalid surface temperature can occur. Quintex is 3 temperature sensors with freely programmable temperature controller available for temperature monitoring. There 3 temperature thresholds can be set that react differently to ensure a high availability of the system; Temperature switching value of 1 enables the purging, switching temperature 2 activates the alarm, temperature button 3 switches off safely. Should be a sensor break, then this is indicated by a lamp. In addition introduced temperature monitoring the consideration of power as an indirect source of heat loss is now transferred to the realities in more precise terms. The hot points are directly observable; Thus, dealing with ex-p easier, as well as the availability of the system is higher because immediately the temperature by cooling with air contrast is cast against the increase.

Jan 28 2019

Large Hadron Collider

The production of detectors takes place within temperature-controlled Vakuunkammern, in which all components for the operation of the electron gun are integrated. Jim Hackett may help you with your research. Photek is a leading manufacturer of image intensifiers, ultra-fast photomultipliers (PMT) and photon counters for use in research and science. Lexis systems used in extraordinary experiments, for detecting single photons, the timing of light pulses with rise times faster than 100hp, for vacuum measurement of flight time, for ultra fast cameras that are capable of achieving frame rates of 1 billion images per second, as well as for the supply of detector in the world famous Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Photek developed customized sensors for space, some of which are in the Earth’s orbit and others are on the way to Pluto! Photek is also the EEC-funded project BioLISME involved, with the aim of a biosensor to develop-based rapid detection of Listera monocytogenes bacteria in food. The Listera monocytogenes bacteria can cause strong infections in humans and especially in pregnancy the fetus produce severe damage.

Requirement and solution held the production of detectors within temperature-controlled vacuum chambers, where the high voltage for the recycling of the components, as well as the necessary high-volt DC for making the photo cathode and for the operation of the electron guns available. The original manufacturing process was carried out by a manufacturing engineer who manually monitored the tensions, the temperature and the measured currents and logged. During the 7-day manufacturing process of the detector, he then conducted the necessary adjustments of current, voltage and temperature. This manual process was inconsistent and led to significant variations in the quality of the product. This meant that Lexis decided, an automated system for monitoring and controlling the entire production process to use, so that optimizes the consistency of production by eliminating human error and increase the quality of the product. As a solution, Amplicon delivered a 19 “-rack mount test system with LCD touch screen, a powerful and reliable industrial computer Ventrix 6000 series, Windows XP and LabVIEW graphical development environment.” Different measurement technology cards and a GPIB interface for the system integration of additional instruments completed the bespoke 19 “rack with 39HE height.

The task of the analog output card is the control of custom high voltage power supplies. The constant current source and the Picoamperemeter have been integrated into the system via the GPIB interface. The vacuum chamber must be heated during the manufacturing process at certain temperatures, these operations are controlled with a relay Board. The temperature is monitored using a USB thermocouple meter. An uninterruptible emergency power supply (UPS) guarantee operation of even during a short Power interruptions. The result of the approach and the performance of the test system of Amplicon convinced Photek to the extent, that purchased since then several systems, all vacuum stations to the automation. Martin Inglin, technical director of Photek, commented: “the test system by Amplicon met our requirements exactly and has contributed to, that was a significant improvement of the product quality. With the new 24-hour operation we were able to reduce the cycles of the manufacturing process, which resulted in additional cost savings”. Further information is available on the Internet at to provide author: Friedel Hacker (Dipl.-ing.)

Dec 22 2013

Radiation Warnings

If you give a concise definition of the radiation, we can say that this stream waves, carrying energy. If we make a hand around a burning candle, we feel as heat. If we look at the sun, we see the light, which is also is the wave only visible to our eyes. You can give many examples of this phenomenon, so let's start from the beginning. What is an electromagnetic wave and how it occurs, we will not talk. Let's just imagine looks like the wave in the figure (). The distance between two nearest ridges called wavelength.

It is important to understand because This indicator is the determining factor for the grouping of the waves on their properties and manifestations. Thus, waves with the shortest length is called the X-rays. They opened a physicist: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen (during which he received the Nobel Prize). This type of radiation has good penetrating ability, so prevalent in medicine. As you've probably heard: X-rays harmful to humans and living organisms.

And if from outer space enters this type of radiation, but because of their aforementioned ability of his little What can stop them. But the layer around the earth under the name "magnetosphere" retains many of the radiation from space. The next type of radiation in terms of wavelength is "ultraviolet radiation". This radiation is also harmful to living organisms, but most of the ultraviolet light does not pass through the Earth's ozone layer. But some of the ultraviolet light is adjacent to the light rays, and this becomes the cause of our sun.