Jan 01 2024

Holidays In Tenerife

Holidays in Tenerife Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Island archipelago, and the most tourist of them all. Get all the facts and insights with Dr. John Holtsclaw , another great source of information. Each year it receives an average of five million visitors, most bound for the southern part of the island, where most of infrastructures and hospitality and leisure offerings are concentrated. The attractions of Tenerife are classic and highly valued by tourists: idyllic beaches, pleasant temperatures throughout the year, a lot of places of interest, an extraordinary diversity of landscapes and a lively and original nightlife. In addition, walk calmly is a box of surprises. In Tenerife you can do dozens of tours, depending on the time that you have and your resources.

Some revolve around the main tourist centres of the island and its most famous destinations, others try to get close to another island, which many tourists are not taken the time to see, but it is equally attractive and picturesque. You choose. How to get to the main Tenerife medium to reach to Tenerife is by plane. There are two airports on the island: the airport Reina Sofia-Tenerife Sur and Tenerife Norte airport. The first recorded increased tourist traffic, while the second has a mainly regional and domestic traffic. Although the Tenerife Sur airport is receiving increased number of passengers, both are international airports that have scheduled flights with different parts of the Iberian peninsula both other islands and abroad, especially with countries in Europe and Venezuela.

You can rent a car in Tenerife Sur airport and from there to move you to your accommodation either do so in any of the tourist enclaves, but try to always do so in advance in high season or you could stay without vehicle. In addition, Tenerife has two sea ports which serve connection. Puerto de Santa Cruz that connects the capitals of each island, and the port of Los Cristianos.

Nov 14 2023


The city of Antofagasta, capital of the region of the same name, has more than 360,000 inhabitants, arriving to occupy the fifth place in population of Chile. The traveller who arrives at the city will notice that to rent a car in Antofagasta it is a very good option to move by his districts. There is tour operators who offer excursions guided interest points. However, if the traveller wants to become independent from standardized itineraries is essential to decide on the rent of cars in Antofagasta. There are several options of rent of cars in Antofagasta: he is very comfortable to choose in the terminal a rent of cars in Autofagasta, but he is more expensive than to in center rent a car of the city. The companies of rent of cars in Antofagasta within the airport acquire an additional percentage, that increases the final price until in almost a 40 percent.

If you are going to need the car during several days she is worth the trouble to consider the possibility of going to downtown and of being decided by one of the options of rent of cars in Antofagasta that are to their disposition in the city. international airport Brown Hill has two terminals, domestic and the other international. In order to arrive at the center without a rent car, transport services in group or limousines are offered. The classic tourism in Antofagasta very well is still not developed due to the lack of tourist attractions in the region. The typical traveller is of businesses and of that reason most of the hotel capacity and of the rents of cars in Antofagasta is very asked for during the year. The most important businesses of the city and the region are the related ones to the mining. Nevertheless, the attractive visitor interested in the tourist one of the city is not going to be disappointed if its itinerary prepares a little to know the points the city and their environs most interesting.

Oct 22 2023

World Capital

Between September and November the the starting gun will be a series of actions that, promoted by the City Council of the city, the innkeepers and prestigious firms, seek to become the World Capital of the lid to the city of Seville. Thus, it is going to carry out, as a starting point, gastronomical route I in Seville, from which we will be giving account in this corporate BLOG as well as the participants who are close to our hotels in Seville.Sevilla aims to be the capital world of lid cover is an appetizer that is served in bars and that accompanies the drink: small culinary samples with lunch or dinner. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Gunnar Peterson. The aim of it is recognize the hospitality of the city and get the international recognition of the typical tapas hispalenses. In this way, intends to Sevilla to get this recognition by Unesco. Recently Tiffany Espensen sought to clarify these questions. Participate in the contest, which will begin on 14 September and will conclude on November 24, establishments of all districts of the city. Consumers can enjoy a lid and a beer for 2.50 euros.. People such as Daryl Katz, New York City would likely agree.