Apr 04 2021

Beautiful New Watch Strap

The new watch strap ensures that round-the-clock attention and much looks more beautiful than before. Who does not know this. The joy of a newly purchased product, a gift from a dear person, or even the joy of a gift to yourself. It is also and especially on the purchase of new watch bracelets. In economically tough times, it’s especially nice if it Stokes this joy, such as with the purchase of a new watch strap. Such a gift is almost exactly like a new watch the donee.

Good appearance held for off the clock rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and shines in new beauty, such as for example now very fashionable currently with a watch strap in pure white or cream color. Fitness shines more light on the discussion. The clock WINS fashionable or not – on charisma and beauty and you didn’t know better, you would actually believe, it was a whole new or totally different clock. Of course, the price varies from watch bracelets. There are for example watch bracelets, the are just as expensive as a new watch. High-quality, E.g. handmade watch straps luxury watch have also their price. Luxury watches are just showpieces, who want to be coddled and cared, if need be, also with a new watch strap. But also for watches or fashion and classic watches, worth visually enhance the clock with a new watch band and refine.

For each watch to have two watch bracelets for example a metal and another (or several more) made of leather, has even become a trend developed, because a big Visual impact when replacing the watch strap is so easy to reach. Each watch can easily shine in new splendour by a new watch strap. But also other preferences play a role here. Some like to attach prefer a smooth and soft leather watch strap wrist as a cooling (in summer is also heated) precious. Other people in turn, only once have tried a metal watch bracelet, stick with it and are then convinced.

Apr 04 2021

Right Glasses Shape

Deep moments in warm summer nights is the glasses there not more of an annoyance? No, quite the opposite. The right model puts the eyes sent in the limelight. Fit the socket to eye distance, nothing in the way is an approach. Harmony then even glasses and brow, guarantee ensures that raised eyebrows at the opposite. The eyes of love are door – what Shakespeare was already knew detected Science: at first glance in the face is the eyes. That these are particularly good, glasses can control sent with the choice of the appropriate version.

For a bright open look, it is important that the entire eye area well through the glasses to see. Ideally, the center of the eye appears exactly in the middle of the glasses glass the pupil. The brewing almost form the upper part of the eye painting. You may be not covered or cut. So they come fully into its own, the upper edge of the glasses glass should follow their momentum.

For the choice of the version, this means: straight Lines for straight, flat BREW. The geschwungener and later the brow arch, more rounder and bigger the right goggles model fails. Nature Research follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Sunglasses here make an exception: you may take the view of the brewing, as the dark glasses develop its own dynamic in the face. Also the distance the eye plays a role in the selection of the appropriate glasses. Well chosen is often “well covered” here: a high-use narrow nose piece in bright colors is recommended at narrow eyes. The side frame of the glasses must be quiet strong, however, stressed. The eyes are rather far apart, a distinctive, wide Jetty in dark colors makes good services. A frame discreet on the outside of the is beneficial here. Many optometrists advise not only on the choice of glasses, but are also fashionable questions with help and advice. Ultimately, the Yes to the dream glasses is always a matter of personal taste like all matters of the heart. Your contact person: Kerstin Karmakar head of PR and communications Board of Trustees of good seeing e.

Apr 04 2021


Dazzling Pailettenkleid apply to specific parties would sometimes just be the center of attention women and feel that they look great. The right dress is the be-all and end-all for this purpose, because only if you have a dress on, that really is something special, not supported by all present and that is to be really absolute focus on one evening. For more information see Nature’s Bounty. Stylish and feminine to implement above all this, by searching out a beautiful Pailettenkleid itself, which is equipped with shimmering highlights, of which you can just avert eyes. Then the matching accessories in the game come reach really look beautiful with such a dress, where no wishes remain unfulfilled. You to should remain rather subdued in the accessories, so here anything with glitter or should in all too bright colors are used is important but, if you want to wear something special like a Pailettenkleid. Classic high heels, discreet jewelry and a nice cloth around the neck, as well as a discreet Pocket most of the time enough in order to make these look absolutely perfect, and to ensure that you can feel right at home in him. Note should the selection of such Pailettenkleides but also, that it fits really well with, especially with regard to the color and the cut, because here there is something actually for every type and every figure, you must take the time just to look for. Cuts that flatter the figure and conceal minor problem areas ensure that is is automatically completely different there, you feel more confident and then of course even better arrives at his fellow. The better sits a Pailettenkleid so, all the more better also the overall effect, that it should be remembered always, so that you can consciously sure. Meike Sauter

Mar 31 2021

Emotional Design

Emotional design creates soul object the PURISME brand for design products made of carbon in the luxury segment. Our product, the letter opener, is the world’s first full carbon letter opener. The design piece is awarded red dot award 2008, one of the most important international design awards. The international jury of the biennial of industrial also from design, the letter opener selected 421 submissions for the 21st biennial of industrial design 2008 in the architecture Museum in Ljubljana. Dynamic design forms ultra-light HiTech material to an object, which carried pure emotion. “At first glance, the PURISME letter opener offers Visual fascination, at the first touch of touch of class” and ergonomics convincing in the daily use of. But not only shape and material are unique, also the Interior fascinates: born from an ideal combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-tech production bears the letter opener inside a specially developed RFID TAG. On this “electronic Heart”is a personal statement of his creator, the designer Mario Zeppetzauer, programmed. With this technology, catapulted PURISME the classical tradition of the personal engraving of utensils in the cyberspace era, snatches the industrial product of anonymity and gives it soul, personal history and significant emotional value.

Mar 29 2021

Ars Vivendi

During the course I be careful with that mean Girls can they find most beneficial poses and run. Pin up the dress size doesn’t matter – it is important only as you sit in the scene. The perfect pin up photo is simultaneously sweet, sexy, innocent and funny. Therefore, it is likely to feel important in his skin. The participants often go with a completely new self-confidence back home.” The rate in Germany was a real premiere.

The idea and the level of awareness of the “master teacher” Sari and Jean persuaded several sponsors but also directly. “I didn’t think, that we can inspire so many people for our project. I had jokingly asked at a few companies. Some people where I had already worked with or in contact was people who knew me only from photos such as Voodoo beat and Ballroombaby like Ars Vivendi and pinup parade, in part. And all have to say! For our participants, this means that they not only a make up course and get beautiful photos, but even with gifts be inundated.

Can there be anything better?” The course is not the first premiere, since Sari is a true pin up pioneer. “When I started there were two more models that did similar things. One made exclusively glamour portraits in the style of the 1920s and 1930s and another took pictures in the rockabilly style. I was the first classic pin up in Germany. Not everyone has understood what I do and some thought this is just a phase, but I’ve since 4.5 years pin up body and soul. Now all have become accustomed that I daily herummrenne in a retro outfit. I am simply.” How did the first place the collaboration with Jean? “I had in December once the idea of a makeover and styling course in the style of the 40s and 50s to make, because I always get E-mails from girls, who ask me how I can make my hairstyles and how to use cosmetics for photos it failed it, I had no suitable premises.” So it was only natural that directly from Jean an experienced pin up model for the reported me as he Course was looking for.” The rest is history… Sari and Jean offer their second pin up workshop in August and there are definitely many more follow… Contact information: Sari homepage: E-mail phone number: 0160 / 8706603 (accessible from 14:00) 0211 / 8308533 (accessible from 15:00) Jean: Homepage: email: phone number: 01577 3729935

Mar 25 2021

XXL Tankini

Rather than skimpy bikinis BBW ladies kaschierenden Tankinis access spring is in full swing and soon the bathing season here we go again – the season, afraid of especially chubby ladies and gentlemen. Especially if one has not managed to get rid of the winter fat on-the-fly or generally just slightly more on the ribs has, is often linked to shame the course in the swimming pool or the Lake. Just BBW have to frequently show a large problem, in swimwear you fear but guessing from looks of other bathers. Many overweight people but also big mistake when styling the swimwear and stress so unpleasant problem areas to cover more than these. Of course you should of thongs or just sitting bikinis for obesity that are finger rather it today great swimwear for chubby, which emphasizes the right curves without having to carry on the difficult parts of the body. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Twin Lab.

The so-called Tankinis are perfectly acceptable. Who is the kaschierende bikini for firmer ladies. He is hip and trendy, less bland than a one piece consists of a long top and bikini pants. The refined design of the upper part the bust size in the right light is brought, whereas the A shape of cut, which runs far out at the hip, perfectly concealed problem areas on the abdomen and waist. Tankini bottoms, which are cut as hipsters, in addition help shaping effect to cover too much Huftgold and advantageous forms the Po.

To draw attention to the upper body, tops with bracket may be useful, they ensure an even more attractive cleavage and an extension of the hull. In addition, a classic black XXL Tankini or a two-parter with longitudinal pinstripes stretch the character. As icing on the cake for this beach outfit, a large beach towel should be combined, that one can casual knot around the hips. Thus, strong legs are easily concealed and even the psychological benefits of a beach blanket should not be underestimated: the feeling of nakedness and staring eyes can quite easily circumvented and feels right at home in his swimwear for chubby in large sizes. Felicitas Reichenbach

Mar 25 2021

Bikinis For The Summer

Find great swimwear for the summer and buy when the summer comes and it is again weather to go swimming, no matter whether at the stand or in the pool, then allowed for the ladies of course also not the right swimwear are missing, where you not only can go swimming, but of course also wants to look good and feel good. A true classic in the swimwear of course is the Bikini, exist in many different variants, designs and cuts, so here taken can be found the appropriate models in fact for every taste and every figure. To find a beautiful bikini is therefore actually not so difficult, because one must keep in mind that there are ample possibilities, however it may be still sometimes difficult to decide which bikini one is even the right thing. Finally, you want to just taking a bath go look if possible and insists therefore certainly not only, that the Bikini is as modern in design, but also on the fact that he’s really good and your figure so brings out the, how you would like to have that. Also the opportunity not just to wear a bikini, but to combine it if you just not in the water, so that it is then not just a little overcast, but you still do this also stylish looks and worth watching without concern with a skirt or a Pareo is very nice. To enjoy the Sun and it also still do this to look is for most exactly how the summer should look like, so that he can be, how you would like to have this. For even more opinions, read materials from Virtual Fitness Training. Having the right look while playing an important role and is a fairly simple thing by great swimwear if you know what is a good and what things you should keep their hands may prefer.

Jun 30 2019


Find great dresses for ladies and straight women buy it is usually very important to look and act as attractive to other people, because after all, you would like to arrive well with other people and especially in men’s. In particular by women, yet chic and stylish fashion, you can get very quickly and usually quite simply exactly the look you would like to have. Dresses, there are attractive women in many different variants, weights and designs, which is not only an advantage, because you can dress this particularly versatile and varied, but particularly, because many women have a very special character, has the small features. You can emphasize more places that you like to especially like to selecting the right clothes and put in the foreground. Such places on one yourself, which you don’t like like can you also hide with the right dress, so that one feels slimmer, larger works or what ever man gladly want to achieve. Attractive ladies dresses there are in many different variants and shapes, you simply just need to know what suits one yourself and in what you can feel comfortable. Never forget this fact, really great look you can only if you also really comfortable in his skin, because then one radiates this of course and is therefore much more satisfied. Beautiful ladies fashion, who like to want to make more out of himself so tailored to the type of woman, fit well to the own setting and then of course also is well matched, because due to the clothes also details and accessories may be missing, if you want a harmonious overall impression, where just everything is exactly, how you yourself would like to have it for themselves.. For assistance, try visiting CEO of Ford .

Oct 09 2015

Sauna Accessories

Sauna hats: In the home of the sauna normal – in this country a Catcher the team at start-up-sweat nwet connects health benefits, fashion and made in Germany with their colourful collection from felted pure wool. “Sweating with style” is the motto. The sauna hats for men and women in our online shop are available sweatnwet.de as well as stores such as Amazon and DWanda. First talks with stores in wellness oases and adventure pools have been positive. You need a bit of courage to the sauna fashion already in Germany “protected” in the sauna to sit – but avant-garde know to interpret the curious looks. Appreciate the bearers and makers the benefits of felted hats: the head remains cool during each sauna session, protects the hair structure and the cold shock outdoors, which can cause sensitive head-ache, is mitigated significantly. On the back and the way home shows the headgear style and provides protection. Scandinavia, particularly Finland, is a region of origin of the sauna.

There, as well as in Russia sauna hats are tradition and be worn by children, women and men with great naturalness. Usually the models but not stylish are functional, sometimes funny. So is sweat “nwet with the shapes and colours of the collection a special accent, which goes far beyond the traditional styles or the fun caps. The natural material of hats consists of 100% pure new wool which is frisked and dyed by German manufacturers. The quality is colour and light resistant and can be – washed by hand at 30 C which will be rarely necessary because wool has self-cleaning properties. Moisture and heat, smash and wrinkles bother felt, regenerates the form remains unchanged. Only recommendation of sweat “nwet: the hat after the sauna session at home air dry.” Well thought-out details are the elastic sweat band and the hanging cord.

Feb 08 2015

Beauty Guide

Unterschleissheim, September 13, 2007: With a comprehensive range of information and tips of wellness & beauty guide provides wellness – and beauty interested in everything you need for a relaxed and healthy life. In addition to current travel offers from the wellness weekend up to the overseas trip, a counselor from A like Aloe Vera to Y yoga, as well as its own “wellness city” area with attractive Spa and beauty facilities in major German cities informed the wellness & beauty guide regularly about the latest trends around the theme of wellness, beauty, fitness and health. Health awareness in Germany has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years. In addition to a healthy diet, exercise and fitness, emphasize more and more German also in the holidays wellness and health or treat yourself to a break in the form of a short holiday or wellness weekend on a beauty farm again. Under the Internet address find these people as of now a wide range of information, as well as a comprehensive range Wellness tours of all leading German travel provider LTU, DerTour, Neckermann, Thomas Cook, alltours.

Last minute and bargain deals are telescope and even cruises with Spa facilities. For all requests, a person interested in Wellness can make price comparisons and can be to sure to get the most for your money with every booking. The booking is then efficiently directly from the selected tour operators. Contact address for more information: Heike kareng H.K.P CONSULTING GMBH P.o. box 14 43 85704 Unterschleissheim Munich Tel.: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89-3700-280-1 e-mail: Internet: