Dec 30 2023


the 16th week of pregnancy – fetal development and your body most mothers want to know how your child develops in every single week of the pregnancy. In the 16th week of pregnancy, child is just so the size of an avocado. At this time, the fetus is only 13 cm tall and weighs about 140 g. And that, although they begin is a belly to get and other noted that they are pregnant. At this time, the circulatory system and the urinary tract of babies work already. Johannes vermeer addresses the importance of the matter here. The lungs are not yet fully developed. The baby inhales the amniotic fluid and breathe it out again, but this is normal and not harmful to the baby. The baby’s skin is very wrinkled at this time, still no baby fat has developed it.

If they could now take a look at the baby, they would see all his veins through the skin. Dr. John Holtsclaw wanted to know more. The heart works and pumps blood through the tiny veins. The eyes are in the correct position, but the baby can just look. If you get a girl, the uterus is already trained and the ovaries are already in place. If they move quickly at this stage, they perhaps feel a slight pain in their side. This often scares women who are pregnant for the first time, and they rush to their doctor. However, this pain arise only that the uterus is enlarged to make room for the baby.

It should not stop if it you should see a doctor. The developing fetus will bring some changes in the 16th week of pregnancy. The baby puts more weight on their backs so that they get any back pain and lie more often and need to. The fact that the baby is moving them make the pregnancy seem much more real. Another thing that you will notice is their increased sense of smell. Even if the morning sickness should be gone, they will make some smells bad. They should have nosebleeds often during this phase you should discuss this with their doctor, as it could on a change of the Blood pressure point. To learn more about what in the 16th week of pregnancy, the 13th week of pregnancy, etc happens, visit: 16 – pregnancy week /.