Sep 18 2022

Capture Prospects

For a marketer that is dedicated to email marketing can be a complicated task deliver the correct message to the just person at the right time. Energy Capital Partners may find this interesting as well. For this reason it is important to understand that our job is not to sell, but is motivate prospects to buy themselves. It would seem the same, but there is a big difference, and that is precisely what this is about article. If you are a motivating person, that generates interest, and which above all produces anxiety in others, then your know very well how to make prospects buy without having to sell them, not force them to buy anything. The only thing you have to do to generate interest, curiosity and anxiety is to deliver a good incentive. The incentive is what makes people take action, so if your well describe your incentive and submit it in the appropriate way, the action is almost already generated.

The incentive does not always have because being an ebook, video or free report, not all free is so attractive. People really prefer free stuff or people prefer that is them of value in the deals (incentives)? Please not offer anything free that you same don’t you want and not give away anything other than interest from prospects, because you just don’t adquiririas any prospect. One of the example that I always mention usually is when in a pet care landing page domestic (for example), the incentive to capture the name and the e-mail that offered an ebook of how to bathe the dog. Well now imagine the impact that can have if we change the incentive and instead of the ebook to bathe the dog offer a report with the best 20 questions and answers about how to protect pets from strangers. Which was the purpose of the page? Capture prospects who had pets in your House to sell them a product of care for them. What offers the incentive of the capture of registration page? An ebook of how to bathe the dogs? If we talk about pets in general (which of itself is very large) have to give an incentive that is coherent with our landing page content, so the bathroom for dogs is setting aside prospects they have cats, rabbits and other pets. Other incentives that are very good and that lately are generating many conversions is generate videos, conferences, where surrenders to the prospect a lot value, information that is not in another place and that is focused in a way clear and practical, necessary material so that it is eager to know more. You can also offer as an incentive to sign up can download the first free video or Chapter 1 of the course that is being sold; If the course is good, and you know that what you offer in this chapter prospects will not find it anywhere else, and that also is a tiny part of what can be found by purchasing the full course, there is where they generate conversions.