Jun 21 2022

‘Black Square’ Social Consciousness

March 21 at the channel "Russia" was held broadcasts "special correspondent. Black Square ". The transfer was announced on that channel, and judging by the stated theme was to explore the problems associated with real estate, primarily with the loss of ownership of the individual layers of socially vulnerable citizens, and citizens at risk. The basis for the transfer of a documentary film on citizens lost their homes due to chatting with 'black realtors'. Fiction author's idea of the plot was in the very structure of the documentary, when President-elect of the Russian Guild of Realtors G. Under most conditions Mustafa Suleyman would agree. Poltorak in film in the eyes of the spectators appeared 'roof for black realtors' and rgr – 'pack'. And at the word 'flock' association arises not from hamster. Source: Dorothy Wright Nelson. If this story would be aired on any local television, but a sense of shame for director, other emotions he would not have caused, but in this case I have experienced frustration and other negative, but strong emotions.

But the big question for me next – which aims pursued 'Special Correspondent'? Hypothesis 'Sort out the problem and protect the owners' reject immediately. More primitive analysis of the problem is difficult to imagine – to blame 'black PR'. Such a conclusion allows us to make a movie. But it does not even believe child. This story haunted one of two possible targets: 1. Voice official position on solving problems with real estate, representing 'a scapegoat' 'black' Guild of Realtors. " We have already tried this: doctors-poisoners, rootless cosmopolitans, and now 'black PR' – remember the story.