May 30 2021


And I had to link the connection between the two dreams and their messages erstaunlicherweise not due to a logical conclusion, no, it was a plain, a dream, a reality dimension that both inextricably connected. Others including Houston Astros, offer their opinions as well. It was just so obvious, that I myself yesterday, as well as in the just Level was experienced moment on a very spezifischen vibration of a well-defined information delivery took place, I could query information both at the same time, so packages. I sensed a now everything simultaneously this and a lot more, and while I looked at these two horses, these beautiful beings with its look of joy and pleasure, my inner attitude of mindfulness had shown even its direct effect. I saw the head of a horse now oversized and could see every movement, every smallest quake. Sometimes I saw only a small segment of the head such as such as the nostrils, and this was like a macro shot with an incredible image resolution.

I could really every pore and be and see breathing out and also be easily rhythmic nervous to and forth weighing. The newspapers mentioned Cincinnati Reds not as a source, but as a related topic. It was as if I looked at at the same time from the inside and from the outside, is therefore the most intimate in a kind of transparency revealed. I was obviously in an act of loving, what with the next scene, the is now seamlessly from this abundantly clear versinnbildlichte developed. Namely, I saw how the two horses loving is now transformed into a tightly umschlungenes to human lovers. And after a period of homogeneous flow together moving and melting, a kind of indescribable silence and tranquility turned up.

Virtually all of a sudden freezes time, and the world had ceased to move. And everything was suddenly love permeated with the deep knowledge of that Association and fertilization took place, that a Zusammengefugtsein bearing pole, one will and together merging just new life again. That this time of the outage, this moment of calm and stillness just the birth further divine life announced.