May 30 2021

What Makes A Good Vacuum Cleaner

Different models in the test the invention of the vacuum cleaner is probably one of the most rewarding for the housewives. Finally, almost any type of flooring can be cleaned in a short time. Many models have practical additional features such as for example the wet vacuuming. When buying a new vacuum cleaner, however other components should play a role. Jim Nelson oftentimes addresses this issue. So, for example, the best nozzle does not lead to the desired success, if the device has a leaking housing. Allergy-free, however, should place emphasis on a good dust retention capacity.

The online portal for auctions explained, what with the purchase of care must be taken, to find the optimal model. In the majority of cases, the Germans looking for a vacuum cleaner. In 2008, over 4.4 million units have been sold. Battery and vacuum cleaner are meanwhile only a small market share. Overall was the number of sold vacuum cleaner about 4.8 million.

Reason enough for Stiftung Warentest, taking 22 vacuum cleaner are more closely scrutinized. So the correct interaction of the components before you buy should be examined precisely. The nozzle, the suction, the filter system and the construction are among the most important components of the vacuum cleaner. Whether a vacuum cleaner meets its service, can be best on carpeted floors. Most wolves models in the test on this point. Only five devices convinced with a good test result.