May 29 2021

Jena Sensor

New solution for handheld applications any kind of Jena, November 11, 2008, their number one COLOR Funktionsboards the MAZeT GmbH presents a series of new solutions, application-specific OEM systems for handheld applications ‘ before. It involves sensor hardware adapted to the \”non-contact color measurement\” MTCS FB1 based the MAZeT true color sensors with different sensor system interface, such as Bluetooth, USB and RSxxx. The sensor system provides XYZ-Farbwerte (technical implementation of the standard DIN5033 standard spectral value function CIE1931) and achieved absolute accuracy after calibration with high Messwiederholgenauigkeit better than the human eye. The in series is absolutely achievable accuracy depends besides the used light source system calibration. Due to the long-term stability of the sensors, a regular calibration of the sensors is not necessary according to factory calibration during later operation. Alternatives to the interface and colour are possible within a customized design at MAZeT.

As a light source in the Sensor of default white light LEDs used. Alternatives to optimize customer-specific application available as a placement option. Click Cincinnati Reds for additional related pages. For the specification phase, the MAZeT offers JEN COLOR Simulator that simulates the interaction of light, sensor, color target and calibration for the accuracy requested by the customer. Thus the system can in the specification phase with high security already be determined and adjustments. This saves later adjustments after the development and shortens the time-to-market. Sample illumination is carried out by means of two white light of LEDs which are almost parallel to the sensor alignment (sensor 1). Thus, the lighting and measurement perpendicular to the sample takes place. By means of this optical axial system ensures contactless measurement with varying distance.

The optimal range depends on the specific application and the conditions (object, surface, light source, measuring time, etc.). In the standard version, the measuring range is approx. 30 mm. To obtain at any time reproducible results, the sensor has been equipped with a distance detection.