May 29 2019

Samsung Refrigerators

Two-door refrigerators (of course, dual-chamber) have separate access to refrigerators and freezers, and freezer capacity they have is pretty big. This is a kind of 'two-in-one', ie at the top of a refrigerator, a freezer at the bottom (or vice versa). Maximum height – 2.05 meters. Celebrity trainer understood the implications. There are also three-compartment model, but this is rare. It's not very functional, because septum between the chambers have substantial thickness, and if you compare the two-compartment and three-chamber refrigerators of the same height, the latter total storage capacity will be less.

Thus, for most consumers two-door two-compartment refrigerators are the preferred choice. Below or above? Let's say you decide to stay in two-door two-chamber model. Now we must decide where in the fridge, freezer should be. Refrigerator with top freezer compartment suitable for storing large pieces of meat, fish, but not suitable for storage of bulk products. Freezer in them is usually divided into 2 removable shelf compartment.

Such refrigerators are never higher than 1 meter 76 cm, so if you decide to buy a 2-meter beauty, the choice is not for you. The advantages of such refrigerators can be attributed to the presence of the door shelves, freezer compartment (eg, DAEWOO and SAMSUNG) and larger cabinet volume (in comparison with models of the same size, but with freezer at the bottom). Cooling chamber Modern refrigerators is getting everything perfect, and the refrigerator compartment – it is not just a box in which the cold. In order to create optimal storage conditions, in some models created circulation of cold air.