Nov 13 2017

Understanding NLP Modeling

On the other hand, if we evaluate the situation we as bad, we have high possibility to sit and hardly able to think clearly. Instead of assessing the facts as good or bad, the proposal is to seek help: Why can serve what happened?. Charles Margulis contributes greatly to this topic. What learning can we get?. When a change must ask why we questioned how, instead of focusing on the problems we think of results, and finally, if instead of judging good or bad circumstances we seek utility, we get a new perspective that allows us to have a more positive attitude no doubt it is said, to work and play with NLP are tools to improve and expand channels of communication both with oneself and with people constitute our environment. Keep in mind that in most cases, the importance and effectiveness of a message depends not so much the content but the way this is expressed. a It definitely reminds us that: NLP is the study of human excellence. NLP is the ability to be the best, more often.

NLP is an approach and powerful practices instead make personal changes. NLP is a powerful tool COMMUNICATION N, NLP MODELING IS ESSENTIALLY. The specialists who developed the NLP studied who did things in an excellent manner, they found what was his formula and provided us with means for us to do the same. NLP is a model, not a theory. NLP myself I may always be in an excellent positive resource state. NLP is an attitude: The attitude of “I do” with a huge and fierce desire, unstoppable. NLP is far, far beyond a simple set of tools.

NLP originated from materials such as linguistics, Gestalt Therapy, General Semantics, Information Processing, the systems approach on the family and others. But most importantly, ONLY IN PRACTICE is possible to learn NLP. Please note, as pointed out in personal growth. NLP comma between its scope: a Facilitates communication with all people in general, family and partner, and among the group. This improved communication is applicable to the world of sales, leadership groups and to promote leadership and education. a Discover untapped resources, which can achieve the desired objectives and resolve internal contradictions. Enhances creativity, which can be applied to pursue new personal or business projects. Also facilitates the study and concentration-business environment.