Mar 12 2022

Administrative Department

The appreciation of the exchange rate also It could adversely affect the income of the foreign direct investment (FDI), if it considers that the Colombian peso is excessively valued, and with which one would expect a reversal in their behavior that would affect the expected profitability of investments measured in dollars. There is a positive aspect of the exchange rate appreciation in an economy that has been growing at a good pace as it is the Colombian and that lies in the observed fact of an increase in imports of cheaper exchange rate strengthening capital goods. According to the last report of Dane (National Administrative Department of statistics), the appreciation of the peso in conjunction with the expansion of the Vallejo Plan towards the services sector (eliminating the tariff for imports of capital goods used in the provision of services which are exported). Here, Steve Vai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. These two factors contributed so that capital goods imports posted an increase in the period January-April, from 24.5% in interannual terms. So which reflects the Colombian website in a note, clearly this increase in imports of capital goods improves the competitiveness of Colombian companies. So you might think that what is losing competitiveness by the appreciation of the exchange rate, is (at least partially) offset with the improvement in productivity by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. And what you can expect the inverter in this context? Although the exchange rate appreciation plays against the prospects of the inverter, keep under control the inflationary dynamics, multiple opportunities exist of profitability in the Colombian economy. Colombia is pursuing an active policy of external opening through the conclusion of commercial agreements. It is also encouraging foreign investment in several sectors but with main focus on the energy sector (here vale remember also areas for oil exploration tenders). So that, the prospects for profitable investments in Colombia, are very positive, and they are linked to economic growth having quite possibly the country in the coming years.

Mar 11 2022

Harvard University

Gabriel watched in education the key to a more just world tool and in the dissemination of knowledge and experiences and shared realities of all human beings the path towards peace and tolerance. Death surprised him when he was just 6 months of graduating from Harvard University and her immediate devote for some time to the teaching dream Basic at a low-income school. The Foundation is a tribute to his fleeting and intense step by life and a testament to love their parents, brothers, relatives and friends and all those who feel privileged to have shared his joy, his intelligence and his goodness. About Give To Colombia Give to Colombia (G2C) is a non-profit foundation, based in the United States with 501 c 3 status. We work as a professional, transparent and efficient means to channel and monitor international donations, identifying and designing projects that conform to the interests and values of the donor, and covering the most priority needs of Colombia. G2C works with donors of different segments by uniting their efforts and initiatives of Social responsibility; achieving focus resources and talents, acting as an answer multifaceted and comprehensive to resolve the biggest socio-economic problems are facing Colombia today. Give to Colombia focuses on three strategic pillars: education, economic development and entrepreneurship. Our value added is with corporate, institutional and individual donors since the beginning of the presentation of the project until the pipeline work in hand and the subsequent monitoring and supervision of the use of funds by the executing agency in Colombia. Original author and source of the article.

Mar 06 2022


They have learned to deal with and peripherally extended to neighbouring areas, using means of transport generated and created to facilitate the subsequent invasion. His idea is to colonize, saturate the resources go recognizing and invading them, for their benefit and disposal of these, as a final result. These viruses with intelligence, know or believe differentiated, understand that the environment is at your service, transform it and make up according to their needs and appreciations. Serve of congeners, which subsist within its space and are trained to develop changes and bioenergy, used for purposes of evolution, procreation and proliferation. They are able to eliminate between them, by selecting class and conditioning. They have processed forms of conduct, with psychological basis and have established social modes of organization, reorganization, and address.

God created them, introduced them within himself, in a moment of weakness, he wanted or thought the could regulate and serve them as localized elements, but the error occurred. Your immune system, cannot identify them, nor counteract them, they multiply and produce erosion and breakdown in systems that make up cells and in turn to the various areas of the universal fabric. Of having assessed these consequences, we would have avoided disaster. One day he said: I will introduce homogeneous systems, in a differentiated State, that awaken the natural springs and neutralize the consequences. Throughout history, he has tried to curb with parallel degree more evolved, the sequence elements until they occur irreparable damage to the structures and outlying areas, avoiding the extensible spread to more complex and vital organs. These palliative or des progressive reaction accelerators, have been mitigated and altered this succession, influencing collective consciousness and mental levels. Offering these individuals, integration and conformation with the guest status, in order to ensure required parasitic function and prevent the subsequent consequence of roughing in the occasional tissue. But only has partly mitigated the proliferation and metastasis, which was more likely to dysfunction in the direction of the virus.

The challenge involves a major effort to host, will be required to generate or create larger envelope of intelligence systems, which are capable of auto programming viruses, to an understanding of its necessary integration and adaptation, without that they alter the processes, favoring functions to metabolize, for which from its initiation and original line-up were arranged as part of a whole, children, fully integrated. Until this provision is not achieved, the guest marks in their eyes sadness and illness. Depression is made manifest and their pain is centered in the depths of his heart. You have and you should assess this situation that casts a shadow over his soul. Being cognizant of the dire consequences, will give light and spirit to his being deeper, to use springs that catalyse and so causing movements subtle and continuous, searching through them, a change in fitness, with reactions that opositen guidelines differentiated. These pipes, they need sources of essential body, endowed with intelligence, consciousness and spirit, they motivated Exchange with the dependent and parasitized viruses, reacting towards a link of integration and rapprochement with its creator, as children, with a view to its own evolution and development.