Apr 05 2021

IDENT Technology Reaches Milestone With Zeropower Chip

IDENT Technology AG detection interaction identification Wessling, in January 2009 the first zeropower chip from the home IDENT Technology AG has left the chip factory and proves his amazing ability in the practice test. The first silicon chip to control wireless and switchless sensor systems from the House of IDENT technology is now available as a prototype for the first practice tests. Through the use of zeropower, the controls can be realized right now tomorrow. The new technology does not require cable more to place switches and sensors on the apparatus. These can be positioned thanks to zeropower construction-related bad-to-reach places. Thanks to this new technology increases the operating comfort for the user and saved weight at the same time, space and production costs.

Many positive properties can be combined with the intelligent sensor system. So can for example also level, speed, the presence and correct position of parts, but also with the zeropower sensor Living beings are recognized. The positioning of the zeropower can be varied depending on the required free sensors. Zero power switches and sensors are therefore versatile. As encapsulated sensor system is itself operating under extremely harsh environmental conditions possible, without doing the functionality is affected. The wired and livelihood sensors without extra effort on new positions or new purposes is used depending on the request.

By zeropower cable and conventional switches be saved, what is noticeable for the end user comfort, weight, as well as an economic price. As a technology company we can go to chip actively with the zeropower on the manufacturing industry. The first tests with the new chip ran extremely successful”so Stefan Donat, (CEO of IDENT Technology AG). With a silicon chip, surface area of approximately 1, 5 mm is possible to integrate the technology into virtually all electronic objects of daily life. No matter whether it is in a game, the controls of brown or white goods, which is electric toothbrush or the switch in the car.

Apr 05 2021

Nexans New Drag Chain Cables

World novelty at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009: servo motor cables the new series meet the towing capability class 7 Nuremberg, October 19, 2009 Nexans Germany is unveiling a new generation of servo motor cables at the fair SPS/IPC/DRIVES 2009 (24 to 26 November in Nuremberg, Germany) in Hall 5, booth 5-324. It is designed for extreme dynamic loads and is thus for example for highly productive sheet metal processing machines or logistics applications. The new lines meet the towing capability class 7 (SFK 7) and be reliable over 20 million bends. Also with regard to the maximum speed and Acceleration, beat SFK 6 the lines of class and travel (SFK 6:15 m) now up to 50 m can be used. The new series can be regarded as a new reference for drag chain cables. The first representative of the new series are servo motor cables.

Nexans is continuously expanding its range of highly dynamic lines to other types. On the PLC Nexans provides also bus lines (DC 2 x 2 x 0, 25 + 1P0, 38), which have been optimized for demanding applications and transmit digital signals with up to 100 Mbit / s. Nexans checks these lines like other even before its market launch in the in-house Nexans Research Center under practical conditions. To various bending, stretching and rotational movements be adjusted, as they learned Energiezufuhrungs – and data lines in the later application. Towing ability classes facilitate the selection of the right line at the booth of Nexans visitors get the opportunity to find out about more lines for machine tools, robots or conveyor equipment. Nexans’ outline in so-called towing ability classes helps in selecting the right direction: the classification in SFK 1 to SFK 7 parameters such as longest travel distance, possible acceleration, maximum speed of motion and bending radius and number of bends is reflected. Next higher class offers reserves depending on the application recommend the use of a line of the next higher class.

Apr 05 2021

Profiles Series

PROFILE LP will appear in the new design and proven quality of digitization for the aging vinyl Hamburg, may 2009 – ION distributes audio of worldwide known and well-established supplier of consumer electronics in Germany successfully innovative qualification tatsprodukte for digitizing and archiving something out media such as slides, cassettes, videos and especially records. \”Many keep their sound boards always more carefully, even if this no longer up to date\” are. Speaking candidly Jenny Craig told us the story. Unfortunately, the plates are played but also less and less, because many have no sound turntable or prefer a portable music player. For all those who want to back dust down their favourite records and easily enjoy, ION has audio has long been the right solution at hand the profiles series. The USB turntable will now appear in a completely new design. Series records digitization systems in contemporary sophisticated look, with black piano finish are the profiles. The sleek and modern design Convinced also the nostalgic fans among plates. Pfizer helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Each model of the profiles series makes it possible to convert the vinyl music collection to a digital format, as for example in wav audio data to a CD or MP3 files.

So your favorite music can be listened to anytime, anywhere and by the way the old treasures for the future are backed up. The PROFILE LP from this series is a turntable with built-in USB port, which makes it possible to record the music directly to your computer. Thus, the music can be digitized and accepted everywhere. The PROFILE LP is the easiest and fastest way to direct easy digitizing of favorite songs from vinyl records. This device is a must for music fans who have no record of any player, but want to do without the mobility of digital music like the old records. It is through the supplied software EZ vinyl Converter 2 (EZVC2 for PC) and EZ audio converter (EZAC for Mac) for novice users easily and simply possible, record to convert.

Apr 05 2021

JURA Setting New Trends

u0085 and SATURN at the Hansaring shines with new hammer price is now on them at SATURN at the Hansaring in Cologne: the compact JURA ENA 5 so far had to give many espresso and coffee lovers on the benefits of a fully automatic machines. But she finds her cookies just 23.8 cm narrow coffee maker now in any kitchen. And still a plus: the intuitive one-button operation philosophy leads to the pleasure of freshly ground and extracted coffee. Further marks of the coffee machine are among the powerful conical Burr grinder, the automatic milk frothing nozzle and the nice-looking plain-text display. No wonder that this product creams off ersklassige prices.

“Stiftung Warentest gave the note well” (2.3) and the design of the Kaffeevollautmaten was awarded the red dot design award “. There is the coffee only in the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne. And for an unbeatable price from 579,00. Just like the other services, also this product only on the Internet at this price is marketed. This means that interested buyer the product only SATURN at the Hansaring in Cologne can be purchased at this bargain price. So at best this press release print and present on the spot. The Cologne SATURN market at the Hansaring offers many interesting offers.

But it is the Special: many advertised products are sold only on the Internet. Users who now search on the Internet for a new TV, mobile or navigation device, can reach the special offer of the Cologne electro technical market sooner or later. Interested parties then have the opportunity to ask market in the road in the SATURN for these high-tech devices. SATURN at the Hansaring wants the actions address all those who learn while on the Internet about products, but still much emphasis on consulting and on-site service. The preliminary research on the Internet contribute largely to the purchase decision of a product. The SATURN market at the Hansaring has recognized this behavior, and now supports its customers with several offers to different products. All of these offers have something in common: they are only about Internet marketing. And so find the SATURN Hansa ring in Cologne: the S-Bahn station / track 11: S6, S11, S12, S13 and regional train. As well as with the subway: lines 12, 15, 16 and 18. There are a car park and a garage available for motorists. 500 parking spaces in two garages, U and S car next to the House, this is SATURN at the Hansaring. Saturday from 4-20 pm free parking! There is still more information to the JURA ENA 5: koeln/saturn Hansa ring / the company: for 50 years, SATURN Cologne at the Hansaring offers news from the future. Customers, not only in Cologne and the surrounding area, appreciate the huge offer: on 3 floors with a total of 10,000 sqm, innovative brands from the fields of computer, telecommunications are area, Office communication, services, Hi-Fi, Car-HiFi, TV, DVD, satellite, video, home cinema, large electrical appliances, household appliances, electrical accessories, photo and camcorder presents. Should something be out of stock, it is for the Saturn employees ordered.

Apr 05 2021


Isilon, Illumina, and Dell jointly offered a fully integrated high-performance computing solution with the sequencing of any size to perform leave SEATTLE, United States October 23, 2009. In terms of storage infrastructure, the American biotech company iLumina Inc. Slimming World: the source for more info. relies on Isilon. The scale-out NAS-systems are part of the fully integrated new high-performance-computing-(HPC) solution IlluminCompute, which is used in conjunction with the proven genome Analyzer of the manufacturer. The complete solution of IlluminCompute consists of a powerful Sequenzierungssoftware, the high performance blade servers by Dell and Isilons scale-out NAS. Result is a flexible, highly scalable turn-key system for the data analysis of human genes.

With IlluminCompute, so far locally powered, expensive and complex sequencing by a single high-performance computing and storage infrastructure can be replace and tighten the sequencing and analysis of genomic data. Background information IsilonIQ with the Use of the Isilon IQ scale-out NAS-systems a single high-performance, highly scalable storage pool can be build to store large amounts of unstructured data such as, for example, genomic sequences and to provide common access. Calculations can be carried in a very short time, so that results are available faster. Thanks to the underlying native file system, can be managed from 10 terabytes to down to 5,000 terabyte central. This facilitates the management of storage administrators. Another plus is the pay-as-you-grow pursued by Isilon \”-principle in the storage capacity and performance scale linear and independently settle.\” This modular architecture approach has the advantage that as required, to build up their infrastructure the own requirements, customers.

In this way you can always calculate both the acquisition and operating costs. Background information IluminCompute with IlluminCompute is now specifically Complete solution developed for sequence analysis on the market available that combines the hard – and software, as well as highly available storage. The direct operational system characterized by high throughput rates, the cost of managing servers and hard disk, however, is limited to an absolute minimum.

Apr 04 2021


The daily care of your eyebrows and eyelashes naturally beautiful made-up eyes are cleanly plucked eyebrow outlines. When plucked, you must always make sure that the eyebrows are not shorter than the eyes. On the inner corner of the eye, the brow should begin and end behind the outer. Too short malting equally unnatural look like hard beams painted with the eyebrow pencil, in which hardly a hairs can be seen. Who wants to draw his eyebrows, should do so at the make-up first.

Because they form the orientation line for the history of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Whether you have now very tight or very sparse eyebrows and eyelashes, make up with a few tricks is good to deal with such problems. Dotted lines to be the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Taunt the top edge of the brow, and brush the eyebrows also. Too bright outside brewing can be darker after brown powder. The highest point of the eyebrow is located behind the center of the lid.

The eyebrows may neatly below the bottom edge be plucked. Beware that you take away too much. Now Food Solutions can aid you in your search for knowledge. Who wants to do something good for his brewing, brush them in the evening with castor oil. You just strichelt with a hard eyebrow pencil to sparse eyebrows. One missing eyebrows can also be one, with the technique familiar beautician, through a permanent make-up “, permanently pigment. Bushy eyebrows are quite in fashion, but wild sprouting hairs need to be plucked. To bushy brows can restrain himself also with clear mascara or gel. Another trick is to give a little hair spray on a brush to comb the eyebrows in the form. So that the eyelashes are swinging beautifully, they are Wimperngloss and brush upward first brushed or with gently curved with the eyelash curler. Then apply mascara with an eyelash lengthening mascara. First from bottom to top, then from top to bottom. Just dry and repeat. Make sure that you apply mascara to even the small and fine hairs in the corner of the eye. Can be bonded eyelashes good comb out with a special small Eyelash vaults. Colored mascara makes the eyes intense and also looks good, if the face is not melted. To blond women with light eyelashes, blue and lilac tones fit, they should apply the eyelash tips but dark blue or black. Eggplant looks very smart to brown eyes. This fits but no colored eye shadow. At Aubergine lashes should the lid off powdered only skin colors. If you color brows and lashes, which holds normally about 3 to 4 weeks. Cleverly plotted and adapted to the type of personal, an eye-make-up underlines the expressiveness of the eyes (of course beautiful).

Apr 04 2021

Radiant Appearance

To reduce the aging process of the skin, this includes also the proper eye care. Eye care is also necessary in order to stop the aging process. The facial expressions, the blink and of course the laughter and the sunlight favor the formation of wrinkles. Already from the mid-20 the first wrinkles to occur Augern around. With increasing age the elasticity of the skin subsides and without care face would show up deep furrows and folds in a few years. Therefore, the care of the skin and of course maintaining the eye area is essential. The eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and requires especially gentle care. Many people are sensitive to creams or lotions on the eyes and should consult so expertly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Clif Bar by clicking through.

The eye area is especially delicate and should not be massaged with cream or fluid. The cosmetics industry recommends mostly only a gentle dabbing or tapping of the cosmetic products in the packing instructions. Especially at a young age, it is very important to properly maintain and even to begin with the eye care. The thorough cleansing of the face and especially the eye area is essential. Women especially should make sure to remove all make-up residues. Here it is on the correct technique. Close your eyes and apply the facial product with a cotton ball on the eyelid. Recommended are of course only gentle cleaning products that you best for approximately 30 seconds to soak.

With a Waschebausch, you should rub the eyelid then without strong skew and thereby remove all eye cosmetics. Of course the cosmetics should never get in the eye. Be around very careful, especially around the eye area because otherwise the mucous membranes become irritated and can react with redness and tearing. Whether you now prefer natural products or conventional cosmetics, is your decision. When applying you should however very careful, you get no residue in the eyes. It is very important that the products used for the eye care spread well and thus ensure optimal care. Also the right relaxation is part of the eye care and can contribute, that cosmetic products even better. Put or sit down comfortably and look straight. The head is in normal and relaxed attitude. Look now. During inhalation, not the head to one side moving only the eyes. With the exhale move your eyes again in the middle. During the renewed breathing, rotate your eyes very far to the left. The slow pace and the deep breathing is important in this exercise.

Apr 04 2021

Hyperopia Dpt

LASIK is the most widely used treatment method for the surgical correction of Ametropia with more than 32 million patients. LASIK (laser in situ Keratomileusis) is with more than 32 million patients (source: VSDAR 05/2008) the most widely used treatment method for the surgical correction of vision defects. It has established itself as safe laser eye procedure for over 20 years and is recognized as a scientific process. It is especially popular because: tissue is taken in a schmerzunempfindlichen layer of the cornea in LASIK, for this reason the eye laser treatment usually at every stage is painless. In addition, the healing process takes just a few days, so that the patient already can resume his everyday activities after a very short time. LASIK is also suitable for higher deficient: myopia up to-8 dpt. dpt under certain conditions up to 10.

Hyperopia up to + 3 DPT.. dpt under certain conditions up to + 5. Astigmatism (also called Rod sightedness and) Known as astigmatism) up to 5 dpt. dpt under certain conditions up to 5. Requirements for a LASIK LASIK is following vision defects possible and scientifically recognized: short-sightedness until approx.-8 dpt.

(Border area approx. 10 m.) Hyperopia up to approx. + 3 dpt. Border area approx. + 4 dpt. Astigmatism up to approx. 5 m. Threshold approximately 6 dpt. Unfortunately, there are contraindications that exclude an eye laser treatment, even if your vision in the correctable range is located. These are: age the eye under the age of 18 is still growing and thus increasing the refractive error. inadequate corneal thickness it must remain a certain residual corneal thickness after laser eye treatment for the stability of the eye. Existence of a common disease (such as rheumatism, diabetes). a pregnancy or during lactation, the eyesight can change during this time. The occurrence of eye disease (E.g. grey/green star).

Apr 04 2021

Beautiful New Watch Strap

The new watch strap ensures that round-the-clock attention and much looks more beautiful than before. Who does not know this. The joy of a newly purchased product, a gift from a dear person, or even the joy of a gift to yourself. It is also and especially on the purchase of new watch bracelets. In economically tough times, it’s especially nice if it Stokes this joy, such as with the purchase of a new watch strap. Such a gift is almost exactly like a new watch the donee.

Good appearance held for off the clock rises like a Phoenix from the ashes and shines in new beauty, such as for example now very fashionable currently with a watch strap in pure white or cream color. Fitness shines more light on the discussion. The clock WINS fashionable or not – on charisma and beauty and you didn’t know better, you would actually believe, it was a whole new or totally different clock. Of course, the price varies from watch bracelets. There are for example watch bracelets, the are just as expensive as a new watch. High-quality, E.g. handmade watch straps luxury watch have also their price. Luxury watches are just showpieces, who want to be coddled and cared, if need be, also with a new watch strap. But also for watches or fashion and classic watches, worth visually enhance the clock with a new watch band and refine.

For each watch to have two watch bracelets for example a metal and another (or several more) made of leather, has even become a trend developed, because a big Visual impact when replacing the watch strap is so easy to reach. Each watch can easily shine in new splendour by a new watch strap. But also other preferences play a role here. Some like to attach prefer a smooth and soft leather watch strap wrist as a cooling (in summer is also heated) precious. Other people in turn, only once have tried a metal watch bracelet, stick with it and are then convinced.

Apr 04 2021


Therefore the man would have to love who me and to protect if becomes a stranger, one cursed strange one. I closed the eyes and divaguei, I thought about the face of my baby, of my angel who I do not arrive to see.> Mrs. you the well best one! Already she can try to raise and tomorrow same already she can return to the home. It was one week difficult, but everything is well now. looking at Ficou me with the smile encardido in the lips. I did not have the minimum will of being gentile and closed the eyes. I felt a tremor when feeling its hands in my forehead, and at the same time I comforted myself with the act.

April eyes and vi that although the detestvel appearance the eyes of the woman transmitted an affection immense. It never had said with attemped me and nor an approach, only entered in the room to give to a broth of appearance duvidavel to me, but very gostoso.> Venha, is arisen, the sun you the pretty one is there. With this guiding was me for is. I begin it I was idiot, but later I walked without difficulty some. I used to advantage the sun and I came back again toward the room. I was lying thinking, again, in my sad life. Of surprise estremeci when hearing the racket of old Ford.

It comes back. Retesei the body and I waited. For other opinions and approaches, find out what The Nature’s Bounty co. has to say. When its expression entered in the room was cold and its implacable look. It entered, it stopped soon and it was saying: Tomorrow soon early I capsized to search it. I know you hate that me, but I promised to its father would keep who it under my cares and go to fulfill my paper. It remains now that you fulfill its and takes care of of its home.