Aug 16 2020

Medicinal Plants

The Catholic Church has been since the origins of early and medieval church, a cruel persecutor of women, which qualify as "crafty ass, killing 5 million of them women, whom he alleged witch diabolical, to cure with medicinal plants, to be free-thinking, and most of all to kill the descendants of Mary Magdalene. Misogynous A Church which does not accept women to the worship of God, which does not allow you to administer the sacraments, becoming a priest, but that a vulgar nun, to ensure that the control of church property and its direction is only men and the head is the Roman Pope, but never a woman. The priests as anyone should take his wife, his children, and to be ministers, as it is in the Anglican Church. That's what just, holy, normal, correct, Christianity, like Peter and other apostles of Christ who were married. If there are some who like celibacy, being sexually repressed, powerless, as they are celibate, but who were born normal, those who love the priesthood and wish to marry should be allowed. You may find that Healthy Living can contribute to your knowledge. That if, with the obligation to maintain a moral life, not to spoil the image of the institution, which is what worries some bishops both fans of mandates of men, as the Pharisees condemned by Christ in the four Gospels.

The woman was created for man to be his companion, she was revered since ancient times and was goddess worship was shared by men and women, but with the rise of the Roman Catholic Church, this was prohibited and established the celibacy almost seven centuries after Christ ascended into heaven, will introduce this cruel and harsh yoke, which is evangelical, which is not a requirement of the Messiah, would otherwise not have been chosen apostles married or been made to Peter Head the Church. The perfect balance in nature is given in conjunction, union of man and woman, because they are together and reach a communion with God the Creator and the Creator Todopoderoso.Debemos worship together, as both his ministers, share the noble task of bringing the gospel throughout the world, work of salvation. Christ never reject a woman, not condemn, or stoning, which they did not order torture, burn, punish on their behalf, as if it has the Roman Catholic Church, with great cruelty and viciousness. Rather, Christ when a woman commits adultery was brought to the minds of clubbing, said: "Whoever of you is without sin, cast the first stone …" No rejection of Mary Magdalene, the prostitute turned, but rather welcomed it, forgive her, rebuked his disciples when he criticized spent fine perfume to anoint his feet. I love her very much, was his companion, the priests really puts the willies someone to tell them the public face, as if Jesus Christ has been a misogynist, homosexual, repressed, powerless, which did not. Celibacy is not a commandment of God, or Holy Scripture is not evangelical, was not an inescapable obligation because Christ chose for his followers, apostles of the church for married men as Peter, the first Catholic pope. Smile and be happy …..