Jan 15 2017

Hair Removal

The most common method is considered a razor. But this method is fraught with many drawbacks: cuts, ingrown hairs, skin irritation. In creams, depilatories, such deficiencies do not, but the cream does not always cope with long, coarse hair, and very often after the cream had to use a razor. Elektroepilyator relieve you of the hair for 1-2 weeks, but due to the fact that this method is very painful, not every woman wants to torment themselves twice a month following this procedure. Besides elektroepilyator suitable only for the legs, for the region Bikini and underarms, where the code is very sensitive, this method will not work. The best way, according to cosmetologists, considered using resins and waxes. Hot or cold wax is applied to the strip skin in the direction of hair growth, and then abruptly breaks away. Although the procedure is quite painful, deficiencies in her almost no. Hair Removal is the destruction of hair follicles by electric current, laser action for In order to get rid of excess vegetation on a large period of time, even almost forever. Sometimes, such a procedure, there are traces in the form of points for 1-2 weeks. This procedure is good to do in winter when you are not particularly where walk in a swimsuit. Electrolysis is done using a fine needle, alternating current is applied to the bulb, and under its influence, it dies. Then you once and for all forget what a razor. Of course it is not the only way there is such a way as electrolysis, which uses direct current, and blends, epilators, which can pick up individual treatment regimen of hair follicles. In general, what is there not a the modern world. And all you need to come to the center of hair removal, remove all, as the saying goes, life is beautiful! And no longer need to invent anything, like to spoil your skin and personal life. One word – beautiful! And most importantly no ridicule from men you do not hear. On the contrary, you will laugh, point to their primeval bush, enjoying its own perfection!

Jan 01 2017

Rehabilitation For Back Pain

A rehabilitation program for back pain and neck is designed to meet the needs of each patient, depending on the type and severity of pain, illness or injury. Official site: Cindy Crawford. The active patient participation is crucial to the success of the program. The goal of rehabilitation for back pain or neck pain is to help the patient regain the highest possible level of function and independence and improve their overall quality of life both physically and in psychological and social aspects. Rehabilitation focuses on relieving pain and improving mobility. To achieve these goals, rehabilitation programs for back pain and neck may include the following: 1. Exercise programs to increase range of motion and muscle strength. 2.

Dela Retraining gait and balance. 3. Chiropractic adjustments to improve alignment, flexibility and mobility of the vertebrae. 3. Control stress.

4. Nutritional counseling. 5. Ergonomic Assessment and for the prevention of work-related injuries. Generally, rehabilitation for back pain and neck is performed in three phases, which are as follows: Phase I: Acute Phase During this initial phase, the chiropractor and treatment team focus on making a diagnosis, establish a plan treatment, and starting to reduce pain and inflammation. This may include some of the items listed above and can also use ultrasound, electrical stimulation or heat packs / cold. Phase II: Recovery Phase Once the initial pain and swelling are reduced, the rehabilitation team focuses on helping the patient restore function. This includes returning the patient to normal activities, while starting an exercise program designed to help you regain strength and flexibility. Phase III: Maintenance Phase The goal of this phase is twofold: to teach the patient ways to prevent further injury and strain on your back and neck help prevent further injury by improving strength and endurance. For more information contact Dr. Jose Guevara or You can call us at (786) 385-1176