Apr 27 2013


We are continually bombarded by a myriad of proposals for losing weight quickly and effortlessly. More suggestive of all of them is, precisely, the ease and rapidity with which assure you that you will lose those five, ten or twenty-three kilos more. These practices, far from being reliable, are dangerous methods that will make you lose lots of money and a few kilos. This is why we have called them seudodietas, i.e. false treatments slimming able to diminish their self-esteem and increase their frustration. Today we propose you to analyze some of the points that should be taken into account at the moment of choosing a weight control program to not become a victim of the seudodietas. Some of the warning signs that will indicate that you are against this kind of threat son: little time, many kilos. The seudodietas promise a large weight loss in a very short time: 5 pounds in a week, 10 kilos in a month.

These exaggerated changes are they are mainly due to the loss of muscle mass, not to the reduction of fat and water. Unattainable goals. The success of these treatments is usually defined based on a single goal: lose weight and resort to any strategy to achieve it. In true subsistence goals must be realistic and short term, focusing on those changes in habits that will allow a sustained weight loss. Diets in series. Your meal plan should be like some invitations, personal and untransferable, since it has been designed according to their own habits and needs. Do not accept a standardized menu of 1500 or 1200 calories. A real plan involves interviews, analysis, observation and periodic revisions.

very low calories. If to achieve your objective you should eat two yogurts and a salad per day, you are surely not covering their nutrient requirements. In addition It will be impossible to follow this regimen more than one couple of weeks and do not recover the lost kilos (and some more) after abandoning him. prohibited foods. These aprohibir pseudodietastienden certain foods or whole groups of them (cereals, meat, fruits) without any basis. A correct diet should be balanced and allow you to enjoy a variety of foods in certain proportion and frequency. Note these warnings the next time you decide to start a new treatment for weight loss. Remember that an effective eating plan should be designed by a professional nutrition and will help you not only lose weight, but also to maintain a healthy weight for always.

Apr 15 2013

Dental Office Clinic

So you've decided to invest in a private dental clinic. Or at least open a small, but his office. Of course, to call this idea is original is difficult. In recent years, dentists so intensified in the other, especially bedrooms, areas of enterprises to provide dental care more than the stores that sell products. And yet they manage to gain his clientele, not much in competition with each another.

Teeth a lot of people, so that the work is enough for everyone. While the market is unstable and is in the process of formation. At the present time, we see a very heterogeneous examples of dental care: public, which holds due to the fact that the doctor can look for jobs informally on the job (but still looking for an opportunity to go to a private clinic). Quality of treatment is usually low, which developed the system of large clinics, built on the principle of "health factories". Is not quite effective, as based on the flow system, and it continues to run such a thing as "conditional unit labor." That is a doctor on a mandatory basis should "squeeze" of a certain amount of work and bring in a common fund a fixed amount to give to this my interest. As a result, the quality of treatment is only satisfactory, every doctor pulls "Percentage" the blanket over himself, adopted throughout the civilized world a system of small private clinics and offices where the doctor treats, not brand. This is perhaps the most promising direction, because in such a clinic physician most universal, it has something to lose.