Mar 15 2013

ADHD Difficulty

Therefore, I propose: "A closer look human for whom you have" There are several versions of AD-H, as described below: A. Attention Deficit Hyperactive-Impulsive predominantly constant concern. Difficulty remaining seated. Easily distracted. Trouble silence.

Often loses things needed for their activities. Difficulty in measuring the risk and consequences of their actions. B. Attention Deficit inattentive. Hyperactivity is not They seem to be always present on the moon. Are easily distracted by stimuli that apparently have no importance for the rest of the people. Are passive and not involved in group activities.

Difficulty remembering the instructions that require a sequence. They forget what the next step in their tasks. Do not know where to leave something important C. Attention Deficit Disorder combined type: This type of disorder is a combination of the two. The person exhibits characteristics of inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. How is it diagnosed? First of all it is important to reiterate that this is a disorder and that its diagnosis requires a multidisciplinary team WHO ARE INVOLVED IN THE DIAGNOSIS? Physician: Neurologist and / or Clinical History Studies Paidopsiquiatra cabinet as: Electroencephalogram Tomography Laboratory studies of medical assessment depends on whether the child or young person or do not require medication. Psychologists and specialist teachers: And they assess: Performance intellectual and academic performance. Perceptual skills. Emotional state strong and weak areas in its school functioning assess the presence of learning problems and areas. Assessments and interviews with teachers and parents. Assessment of personality and family environment. PARENTS AND TEACHERS NEED TO JOIN A TEAM Generally, parents and school teachers who are more in touch with children and adolescents with this problem must be informed and be vigilant in order to make a timely intervention for these kids and help them their learning process and building of their personality. IS NOT THE SAME Being diagnosed with ADHD Sufferers Avoid negative ways of relating to them and their problems. They are children and adolescents with a disorder. They are not the problem. In everything we care for those suffering from the ADHD. We have all the information on it and we provide electronic material that allows you to know, learn and use practical and useful tools for parents and educators Ana Giorgana.